Balsam Building Services is a facility management company specializing in regular maintenance/emergency repair, janitorial and superintendent services . Our team of handymen and cleaners who are all equipped will attend to all your building needs.

As a property manager are you looking for a company that you can have as a single point of contact for all your repairs, and janitorial concerns? Or a company with clear communication, with a 24 hour administrative support team. A company with a mobile fleet that can respond to service requests immediately. We are that all in one company , property managers have been looking for.

Our Story

Balsam Building Services started when our founder who was a property manager realized that there was no liaison between property managers and general contractors and cleaners. He wanted to create a company that would allow property managers to have a single point of contact for all services.

In doing an all in one company he didn’t want to compromise on effectiveness, and that is why he wanted to have a mobile fleet of handymen and cleaners. He provided vehicles, data smartphones and put together a 24 hour administrative staff to handle to work orders efficiently.

As a property manager he worked with many different cleaning companies and realized no one is providing the complete solution. Simple things such as providing your superintendent with a vehicle so he/she can go buy materials and supplies and doesn’t need to bug the property manager.

He also realized the industry lacks a fleet based contractor, the need for an on demand mobile fleet of handymen ready for any repairs. Quotes from contractors are taking too long, why not have our estimators give pricing based on pictures and description from our quick quote tab within 24 hours.

Investing in cleaning technologies has allowed us to efficiently service buildings. We know that traditional cleaning methods are not effective and spread more germs than actually remove. Which is why our cleaning methods are revolutionizing the condo industry.

This is when he decided to use his 15 years of experience in property management, real estate, construction, and project management to create a solution for property managers

Our team takes pride in the work we have contributed towards a more sustainable society. If you share our vision, we would love to work with you!


Why Work with Us?

As a property or site manager do you struggle with your janitorial company or general contractor, in that case why don’t you hire a company that does both. Balsam Building Services specializes in having the talented manpower with the appropriate tools and knowledge. Balsam Building Services has a helpful administrative staff in order to address any concerns, service requests and quality assurance issues. Our site managers are readily available to price your next job.

  • All team members are equipped with a company vehicle for efficiency

  • All team members are given a company smartphone with Data to access email, text and phone calls

  • Accountability: Your Accounts Manager will coordinate all the jobs and supervise personally for quality assurance

  • For any spills, leaks, floods our mobile team is available right away to take care of the problem

  • We understand property managers have a lot on your plate. We will help you a lot to take care of your cleaning and maintenance issues. You can leave it with us

What We Do

Balsam Building Services will be your full service facilities management company that will aid the board and the property manager in dealing with the building’s daily maintenance issues.

Why the Balsam Fir?

The balsam fir (Abies balsamea) grows throughout Canada. In the month of December, families bring it into their homes to celebrate Christmas. Breaking religion, language, and community barriers, many residents celebrate Christmas as a symbol of unity. At Balsam Building Services, we want to unify professionals with the same vision and goals of providing safe and sustainable homes.

The balsam fir is also one of the most fragrant fir trees. Its aroma saturates homes with warmth, happiness, and comfort. In the same way, our team at Balsam Building Services strives to provide our clients with quality service, allowing residents to feel happy, comfortable, and safe in their homes.


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